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Exhibits at the Banned Toy Museum display toys that someone says you can't have.
These toys were taken off the market because they were a serious safety hazard,
or because they were offensive.

TOP 10 BANNED TOYS       Numbers 5 - 1          

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5.   Sky Dancers

Sky Dancers were a Barbie inspired helicopter-like flying toy. Placed on a mechanical base, once the cord was pulled, the Sky Dancer would twirl high into the sky.

The hard plastic Sky Dancer's propeller-like wings flew rapidly in unpredictable directions, hitting users and causing temporary blindness, broken teeth, face lacerations, and one mild concussion.

Galoob recalled almost 9 million Sky Dancers in 2000.

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4. Battlestar Galactica
      Missile Launcher

Red missles, about 1 1/4" long, created for the 1979 Battlestar Galactica toys, were just about the perfect size to lodge in a child's throat.

Before the missle recall, Mattel added stickers to the toys warning "do not put or fire red missiles into mouth or towards face."

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3.   Yo-Yo Water

Illinois, New Jersey and New York have all banned the Yo-Yo Water ball. The Yo-Yo Water ball is made of flammable diesel hydrocarbons.

The stretchy, sticky cord can wrap around a child's neck, causing strangulation.

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2.   Lawn Darts

Heavily weighted and solid metal, Lawn Darts can pierce whatever they strike! Lawn darts have been responsible for over 7,000 injuries. On December 19, 1988, the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned lawn darts from sale in the United States.

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1.   Atomic Energy

In 1951, A.C. Gilbert, inventor of the ERECTOR set, released the U-238 Atomic Energy Lab. Using real radioactive materials, one could witness mist trails created by particles of ionizing radiation.

The set included four Uranium-bearing ore samples, and originally sold for $49.50.

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