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Original Colorforms Set

History and FUN FACTS!

COLORFORMS began in 1951 when Harry and Patricia Kislevitz, two art students, were experimenting with a flexible vinyl material as a low-cost alternative to paint. They discovered that the vinyl stuck to the semi-gloss paint in their bathroom! They cut shapes out of the material and placed them on the walls.

“Our friends would go in and do the most marvelous Matisse things on the wall. And they’d never come out,” Patricia Kislevitz said.

COLORFORMS was one of the first brands in the toy industry to be promoted in television commercials.

COLORFORMS pioneered the realm of licensed characters with a 1957 Popeye Cartoon Kit. Other sets include KISS, Gumby, Addams Family & Star Wars.

By 1991, COLORFORMS had sold over a billion sets.

In 2004, a Beatles COLORFORMS set sold for $520.00.

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