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Introducing the BRICK RACK Minifigure Display System
for your LEGO Minifigures, LEGO sets and your own LEGO creations.

Each BRICK RACK features unique, custom grooves designed just for your LEGO bricks.
Just slide them in and start building!

  •   BRICK RACK Model 7 will display 175 Minifigures. - $69.95

  •   BRICK RACK Model 4 will display 100 Minifigures. - $45.95

  •   BRICK RACK Model 3 will display 75 Minifigures. - $35.95

Let BRICK RACK be the canvas to your LEGO creations. Organize, display and enjoy your LEGO minifigure investment with the BRICK RACK display.
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Just slide your LEGO bricks into the custom groove and start building. Display your LEGO minifigures, sets or your own creations! You can display up to 175 LEGO minifigures on BRICK RACK Model 7.

Minifigures agree that it is more fun to be displayed on BRICK RACK, than laying on the floor or in a box in the closet. "I love my new home."

You have probably stepped on LEGO before. ** OUCH! ** Now you can get your LEGO off the floor, and enjoy their colorful wonder in a BRICK RACK Minifigure Display System.




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