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January 2004 Newsletter


Easter 2004

Order All 4 Pez 2004 Easter Dispensers for $10.00 Here

foot adaptor
foot adaptor 2
Order Foot Adaptor for footless Pez dispensers for $3.00 each Here

set of 3 flashlight keychains  
Order the set of 3 Pez Flashlight Keychains for $15.00 Here 

2003 Pez ornament  
Order the Knight and Pony Ornament for $19.95 Here

floaty pens  
Order the set of 4 Pez Floaty Pens for $16.00 Here

jeffrey dispenser  
Order Jeffrey Bunny Dispenser - MOC for $12.00 Here

bb sombrero dispenser  
Order Bugs Bunny with Sombrero - loose for $10.00 Here

2004 calendar  
Order Pez 2004 Calendar ON SALE for $9.95 Here

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