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Newsletter JUNE 2003

ARCHIE - Advanced Robotic Candy Handling, Issueing Equipment

Full Technical Specifications Available Here

We invite you to enter the future.
Meet the ARCHIE series of Fantasy Robot Dispensers.

While these robots cannot mow your lawn, wash your clothes or vacuum your house, each ARCHIE Fantasy Robot is a full working dispenser of Pez candy. And each ARCHIE Fantasy Robot Dispenser features the revolutionary Tilt Tab that greatly improves dispensing ergonomics.

ARCHIE 5.0 is "the world's first self-contained BLINKING dispenser of Pez candy on a stem." Each ARCHIE 5.0 comes with a printed affidavit of this fact. A gentle press of ARCHIE 5.0's Transponder Beacon activates the BLINKING. Press again to de-activate.





Robot head color may vary.




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