What exactly is a French Cleat Wall Mount?

A French Cleat Wall Mount makes it easy to professionally hang your Tiny Treasures Showcase.

Screw the wall cleat to your wall, with the "angle" facing up.

There is a matching cleat already installed on the back of the showcase.

The 2 cleats match and neatly "nest" together, providing you with a clean, professional "no screw head showing" installation.

What is the Tiny Treasure Showcase made of?
The clear cover is acrylic plastic. The showcase and divides are made from a special light weight expanded plastic. When most people handle it, they think it is a light weight wood product. It is used extensively for museum and retail displays. We have used it for over 20 years for our Pez Hanging Rack and Brick Rack displays.

How do the divides work?
The Tiny Treasures Showcase is a unique wall display - you create your own "cubby-holes" for your collection. You can create the perfect display for your unique collection. If you want to create a row with the divides placed one inch apart along the entire shelf, you can. Each divide has a "peel-off" adhesive on one side so you can attach the divide to the showcase. Each Tiny Treasures Showcase comes with 10 divides, and you can purchase extra divides if you need to.

Is there a phone number I can call?
Yes. 650-347-2301. Our hours are 10:30am - 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time. We are open Tuesday - Saturday. We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Do you ship outside of the USA?
Sorry, we currently do not ship outside of the USA.

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